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moware design

moware design designed and produced the first 1,000 carry me back bags used for the pilot, and has documented the making-process into a manual and a video for its replication at other locations 
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moware design is a social enterprise dedicated to repurposing waste by upcycling them into beautiful high-quality products. Moware was born in 2013 as a design-led intervention to give meaning to the waste left behind in the Himalayas. The company started to promote paper waste management in offices while giving employment to low-income women from Nepal.


Over the years, moware design started to experiment and work extensively with other types of waste such as aluminum, wrappers, and glass bottles, hence creating a wide range of high-quality products that include stationery, jewelry, and dining sets. The company has trained about 25 low-income women to utilize their skill set and innate love of creation to better their lives and better our planet. 

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