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Our efforts are currently directed towards the Khumbu Region of Nepal. By implementing a crowd source waste removal system to remove of waste from the mountains, we have been successfully in removing waste from as high as 5,000 meters!

Since Autumn 2019, we have successfully run the carry me back program for four seasons, resulting in the total removal of 10,200 kg.


Spring 2023

Sponsored by Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, carry me back engaged 1,565 trekkers in this season. Notably, waste removal achieves its second-highest record till date with a total of 3,225 kg of waste removed from the National Park.

Autumn 2022

In the fall of 2022, we moved higher than over. The carry me back program increases its outreach removing waste from altitudes of 5,000 meters and above! A new pick up points was established at Gokyo village, where this time helicopters flew the waste back to Lukla.

Besides, our regular pick up station in Namche Bazaar continued its operations to transport waste to Lukla. 

The third edition successfully eliminated 1,675 kg of plastic and aluminium waste, and engaged about 2., thank you to the continuous support of our sponsor Dell Reconnect.

Spring 2022

Following the setbacks caused by the COVID-10 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the carry me back program is revived as tourism slowly picks up. The Spring 2022 session, supported by Dell Reconnect, runs for six weeks.

A pick ups station is established in Namche Bazaar and two drops off stations are set up in Lukla (Lukla Gate and Lukla Airport).

A total of 1,300 kg of waste were removed by a small cohort of 750 trekkers.

Autumn 2019

The pilot run of carry me back begins with the participation of 2,500 trekkers and guides. The initiative successfully transported a total of 4,000 kg of waste from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu for recycling.

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